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Free Shipping on Orders Above £50
Free Shipping on Orders Above £50


1) Can I wear with or without glasses? Will they fit?

Headlight glasses are a universal size, just like how Apple Airpods fit everyone.
You can wear them with, or without prescription glasses. Also, with or without contacts.
They will be comfortable to wear, as they’re lightweight (32 grams).
If you’re not 100% happy with how they fit, just let us know by emailing and we will refund you.

2) Safe to wear? What about Cataract Surgery?

Headlight Glasses are safe to wear, as they’re FDA regulated & approved (Food and Drug Administration).
Headlight Glasses work perfectly well, even if you’ve had cataract surgery on both eyes.

3) Work on Sun glare? Rain? Snow?

Many customers have been thrilled in telling us how Headlight Glasses cut down sun glare (during the day) as well as headlight glare (in the night).
Headlight Glasses also cut down glare in rainy & snowy conditions.

4) Suitable for Motorcycle Riders?

Headlight Glasses are suitable for motorcycle riders, as they’re shatterproof.

5) Still have questions?
Please email us any question you have to:
We will reply to you promptly, no later than 24 hours :)